Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekend with the Wagons

As part of our salute to American veterans and their families, portions of our Wheels That Won The West® collection were on display this past Memorial Day weekend to several dozen visitors. 

Donnie & Jo Daniels of Harrison, Arkansas were gracious to cater the event with their century-old Newton brand chuck wagon.  Stocked with a host of period essentials for trail drives in the West, it was an ideal centerpiece for the gathering.  Donnie and Jo have competed throughout the U.S. and taken several awards for their cooking and trail authenticity. It was a pleasure to have their delicious Dutch oven recipes headline the menu.  Slow-cooked brisket, potatoes, beans, biscuits and mouthwatering peach and rhubarb/strawberry cobblers were all made from scratch.  Combined with countless other desserts, a fresh veggie tray, sun-sweetened iced tea, homemade lemonade, spring water and sodas packed in a 19th century ice box all made for a relaxing and unique experience as we savored the memories of yesterday.

With our early vehicle, seat, and sign collection as a backdrop, we also shared a good bit of information on 1800’s-era wagon companies and western vehicles.  Attendees had the opportunity to see original pieces built by legendary makers like Studebaker, Peter Schuttler, Bain, Springfield, Owensboro, Gestring, Florence, Birdsell, American, Weber, Stoughton, Moline, Weber-Damme, Davenport, Nissen, Cooper, Charter Oak, Carver, Newton, and more. 

The weather couldn’t have been better for the event.  Temps hovered in the 70’s and low 80’s with a slight breeze keeping the atmosphere incredibly comfortable.  Under the canopies of large white oak trees and our newly-built vehicle warehouse, we enjoyed a weekend of wagons, food, fun, fellowship, live music, horse-shoe competitions and an old-fashioned rope swing.  None of it could have happened, though, without the sacrifice and dedication of so many American heroes.  We’re proud to live in a nation rich with history and God’s blessings.  In remembrance of all who have pledged to guard and protect the sovereignty of this nation, we thank you for your service and the freedoms that have come to define America.