Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

As we launch another new year, we continue to be thankful for many things.  Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with wonderful friends and family are all great blessings.  Likewise, we're fortunate to have so many successful explorations into America’s early heavy vehicle makers.

Last year, we were able to locate and add a number of significant finds to the Wheels That Won The West® Archives.  Numerous original catalogs, one-of-a-kind photos, company histories, ledgers, and other scarce literature and ephemera from countless makers were punctuated by the discovery of ultra-rare 19th century wagons from makers like Studebaker, Cooper, Schuttler, and more.  Why is this important?  Because every piece identified and saved is a part of American history.   No longer lost, this is the history that built our nation; History that opened the West, conquered mountains, carried dreams, and continues to reflect a real spirit of enterprise, opportunity, and freedom. 

This year, our search for the rarest wheeled history continues and, as with the past two decades, we look forward to even more breakthroughs and the opportunity to share in those victories.
May God bless you and yours throughout this year.