Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wagon Maker Brands

For the next few weeks, my blog will be shorter than normal.  My computer is in the shop and single-finger typing on this iPad is a bit of a challenge.  So, in an effort to keep the length reined in, we'll cover a subject I'm often quizzed about by using a quiz itself.

Over the past few decades, I've shared many of the difficulties involved in the study of America's early wagon and western vehicle makers.  One of the complications is the sheer size of the country's first transportation industry.  While the tens of thousands of manufacturers are impressive in scope, trying to get a handle on such a large crowd can turn almost any research into an intimidating process.  Even more challenging are the massive numbers of additional brands marketed by these companies.  Knowing who built what and where is more than interesting background in the provenance of a set of wheels - it can be crucial to understanding the value, age, originality levels, and desirability of each survivor.

Reinforcing the hurdles mentioned above, I've set up a brief list of brand names from different builders. Take a look below and see how many of the brands you recognize.  Next week, I'll share any correct answers I receive.  There were countless others, all contributing to the complexity of this subject.  (Oh, be advised - some brands were built by multiple makers)

- Jack Rabbit

- Overland

- Ajax

- Chief

- California

- Superior

- The Dutch

- Western Special

- Gate City

- Hickory (not Old Hickory)

- L. R. V.

- Red Hickory

- Rockford

- Fairfield

Have a great week!

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