Monday, July 3, 2017

Gunsmoke on INSP in July!

As most of our readers know, the good folks at the INSP television network have been supporters of western television programming, as well as our western vehicle blog, for some time.  So, anytime I receive news from them that relates to promotion of the Old West, I’m happy to pass it along. 

In my October 26, 2016 blog post, I shared some insights from an interview with Buck Taylor, famed actor (and artist) from the legendary television series, Gunsmoke.  As I’d mentioned back then, the series is a deeply rooted part of my growing-up years.  So, when INSP told me they were planning a ‘Justice in July’ promotion with a focus on Gunsmoke, I knew that others would also want to know. 


According to their sneak-peek info, during the month of July, INSP will be featuring a marathon of Gunsmoke episodes and movies.  Focusing on the theme of justice throughout July, the shows will kick off with the network premiere of Gunsmoke: To the Last Man on July 8th at 2pm Eastern Time.  The marathon will continue throughout July with the following shows and times (all times listed are Eastern)

·         Gunsmoke: To the Last Man on July 8th at 2pm ET

·         Return to Dodge on July 16th at 2pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: All That on July 22nd at 10am ET

·         Gunsmoke: Long, Long Trail on July 22nd at 11am ET

·         Gunsmoke: The Squaw on July 22nd at 12pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: Chesterland on July 22nd at 1pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: Milly on July 22nd at 4pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: Indian Ford on July 22nd at 5pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: The Long Ride on July 23rd at 2pm ET

·         Gunsmoke: One Man’s Justice on July 23rd at 10pm ET

Consider yourself duly informed with plenty of time to set your DVR or arrange your schedule so you can walk the streets of Dodge City with all your friends.  Gunsmoke is one western that I always have time for.  Have a great 4th of July week!  Those celebrations will be a good lead-in to the Gunsmoke marathon.

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